The Great Olive Tree 

            in Ivanovici, Montenegro 





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Welcome to the village of Ivanovici 


In the beautiful hills of the Budvan Riviera lies the Old Olive Grove of the village Ivanovici. Overlooking the entire Becici bay, the Grove offers a peaceful environment and a spectacular view of some of the finest corners of the Adriatic coast.


With its old history - the Grove dates back over 700 years - it offers us a glimpse of Montenegro as it once was. Mirko Ivanovic, a member of the original Ivanovici family, makes sure that it receives the care and attention that it deserves. As a part of this ongoing maintenance, the stone walls have recently been restored, using the original stones from the 18th Century.


The Grove consists of 104 olive trees that are carefully timmed each  

year. The trees still produce olives that are harvested in early November and pressed into fine Montenegrin olive oil, using the traditional olive mill in Pelinovo, Radanovici. The Old Olive Grove is registered with Montenegro´s Agency for Protection of the Natural Enviroment.


Only a few minutes walk from the Grove, in the old village center, lies the Olive Mill, the fully renovated Thresher floor, and the Great Olive Tree, which with its 2,000 years is one of the oldest in the Adriatic.






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