The Great Olive Tree 

            in Ivanovici, Montenegro 





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The Great Olive Tree


Located in the village of Ivanovici, the Great Olive Tree is a unique monument of nature. It is estimated to be approximately 2,000 years old, which makes it one of the oldest olive trees in the entire Adriatic.


Its impressive circumference measures 12.5 meters and the tree is 10 meters high. The tree used to provide the village with about 250 kilos of fruit and 40 liters of oil per year. It still bears fruit to this day.


The oldest written document about the Great Olive Tree dates back to 1881, when Krstinja Markova Ivanovici sold a quarter of the tree to finance her sonīs travels to Constantinople. In later documents, the tree was marked as a meeting place for the villageīs religious celebrations.


The Great Olive Tree was registered as a protected monument in 1994 by the government of Montenegro. It has been preserved thanks to the efforts of the Ivanovici family, who, for generations, has protected the tree from fires and taken care of its surroundings.











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