The Great Olive Tree 

            in Ivanovici, Montenegro 





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The Olive Mill


The old Olive Mill is located close to the Great Olive Tree in the old village center of Ivanovici. Using oxen to pull its weight, the mill used to grind olives from nearby olive groves, including that of the Great Olive Tree.


Using its maximum capacity, the Mill could produce 50 liters of fine olive oil out of 250 kilos of olives in one single grinding. The oil was kept for private consumption, sold or traded for vital goods such as fish, flour and sugar.


The Olive Mill is over 120 years old, but its carefully crafted wooden parts are still in perfect condition and preserved in their entirety.


The Mill is located in one of the village centerīs original stone houses, but will soon be relocated to the Old Olive Grove in order to grant visitors easier access and to protect it from potential landslides. 









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