The Great Olive Tree 

            in Ivanovici, Montenegro 





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The Thresher Floor


Only a few minutes walk away from the Old Olive Grove, in the village center of Ivanovici, lies the fully renovated Thresher Floor. The floor is over 100 years old and has been in the ownership and care of the Ivanovici family since the beginning.


In former times, the floor was used for grinding crops, but it was also the place for village meetings and festivities. Such gatherings would be announced using gun shots, which served as the official invitation to nearby villagers.


The floor was fully restored to its former state in 2009, when it was disassembled stone by stone and rebuilt with each stone in its exact former position, using a specific number for every stone.


Due to the risk of landslides, the Thresher Floor was relocated from its original site to a safer and more easily accessible place only  30  meters  away  from  its original location. 









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